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What is DFSG

DFS is a De-Fi (decentralized finance) gaming platform. Game-Fi is the latest trend in blockchain, where gaming is utilized to create additional profit streams aside from just the price appreciation of an asset. Combining cryptocurrencies and video games allows gamers a chance to win their share of the crypto prize pool by competing in tournaments. Powered by special and unique NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), smart contracts automatically settle & manage all rewards on the Binance SmartChain (BSC) to ensure that all transactions are secured and effortless. What are its use-cases? DFSocial empowers the Players. The inefficient “Pay2Play” business model forces Gamers to spend a lot on weapons, accessories, and maps. When a game gets outdated, they’re forced to buy a newer game & pay even MORE. The gaming companies continue to make a ton while Gamers are stuck spending a ton - with NO WAYS TO EARN. All the money, time, and effort on the previous game are wasted once the Gamer loses interest - and the cycle never ends. To allow Gamers an opportunity to be fairly paid for their time playing and practicing video games. To allow non-Gamers an opportunity to be fairly paid for their timer recruiting the best Gamers/team. Token-holders can earn APY for staking (locking up their tokens) on the blockchain. NFT holders can earn additional bonuses, increased rewards, among other benefits (to be revealed in the future). What makes DFSocial unique? Gamers & Sponsors - Gamers’ can make (and keep all) gaming rewards for competing in the most popular video games on DFSocial. ‘Sponsors’ can recruit Gamers to split the gaming rewards equally. This dynamic allows anyone (gamers AND non-gamers) to participate and compete for a share of the prize pools. Variety - DFSocial offers everything under the sun, from the most modern video games to classic card and board games. Community Voting - The team doesn’t choose what game gets listed next - the community does. We wholeheartedly believe that listening to our community is the best method for player retention and exponential growth to the user base. Working Product - The DFS platform is fully functional, with constant updates and ideas being integrated and considered. DFS has been fully operational since Q4 of 2020, and development has continually increased to keep our community satisfied and engaged. Robust Ecosystem - The ecosystem has recently integrated Chainlink’s VRF technology to unlock the full potential of the development team's creativity to create new products and services for our local community. This implementation will guarantee 100% randomized outcomes to ensure fairness and zero chance of foul play. Staking and Farming on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) allow users to make profits by locking up DFS tokens in exchange for yield. Recently, the team has created an NFT Auction, a Prediction Pool, introduced Buy-Backs, and plans to launch a mobile app, wallet, and a marketplace for anyone to buy or sell native or foreign NFTs in the future.

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